How a patriot is made

At an age when the critical spirit is not yet developed in us, we hear, as children at the family table, accounts of horrible misdeeds committed by the Germans or the English, or feats of valor accomplished by the French. The little Germans, at the same moment, hear about all sorts of crimes committed by the French, the English, or the Russians.

We are taught that France is the land of the brave, the country of generosity and chivalry, and the refuge of liberty; the same things are said of their countries to the little Germans, the little Russians, and the little Japanese; and we all, in the innocence of our hearts, believe them.

For New Year’s gifts our fathers, and even our mothers, give us lead soldiers, toy guns, drums, clarions and trumpets.

G. Hervé quan encara no s’havia begut l’enteniment. El 1905.



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